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The Locomotive Portraits
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The Locomotive Portraits

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ISBN : 3 8290 0834 1

Written by Kinsey

Condition: Very Good (Second Hand)

Dimensions: 270 mm x 336 mm

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The saga of Darius and Tabitha Kinsey's lifework: she spent 47 years in the darkroom and he was from 1890 to 1940 in the field with his camera. This edition includes 41 superb photographs of the logging industry's steam locomotives, historical essays by John Labbe on each locomotive and the logging operation (s) it served in the northwest Washington, and excerpts from conversations with some of the oldtime engineers, firemen and brakemen. Apparently - once a steam locomotive fanatic, always a steam locomotive fanatic.

Text in English, German and French.

Hard cover, 143 pages

Note that owing to the page size only part of the cover is shown


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