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Dimensions: Softcover, 240 x 178 x 8 mm
Published by: Bellcode
Published on: 21st May 2008
Author: Stephen Chapman

Railway Memories No 19

York to Scarborough, Whitby & Ryedale

The railways ofScarborough and Whitby will always be associated with childhood trips to the seaside. With packed summer holiday trains racing across the the plain out of York, winding their way cautiously through the delightful Derwent Valley around Kirkham Abbey, slogging up from Pickering to Goathland and making the breathtaking journey along the clifftops from Scarborough to Whitby.To the people who lived in this area the railways were a lifeline to the outside world, continuing to serve by bringing in goods long after local passenger services had been withdrawn.This book looks at these railways,beginning with a historical backgroun and then looking in more detail at the lines from York to Scarborough, Scarborough to Whitby, Whitby to Rillington and finally, the branches to Ryedale.
Softcover,112 pages, 191 b/w illustrations, 17 maps and plans.

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