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Dimensions: Softcover, 246mm x 189mm
Published by: The Crowood Press Ltd
Published on: 24th February 2016
Author: Peter Marrioptt

Modelling European Railways

European railways are characterized by a huge and contrasting range of locomotives, liveries, rolling stock, stations and infrastructure. In addition, the network incorporates standard, narrow and broad gauges, private and nationalized railways, high-speed corridors, single-track branch lines and rack systems. If that was not appealing enough for the railway modeller, these fascinating railways are also located in dramatically diverse landscapes ranging from the industrial Ruhr to the majestic Alps. If you wish to explore the new and exciting railway modelling opportunities that Europe has to offer, if you need a helping hand about where to go, what to read and what to buy, then this is the book for you.

•Considers how to carry out research across the Channel
•Written by an enthusiastic railway modeller who has been modelling European railways for twenty-five years and who passionately believes that railway modelling should be fun
•Contains information on the modelling tools required, the products that are available and the companies that manufacture them
•Demonstrates in detail how to install catenary
•Describes, step-by-step, many of the techniques that can be used to create different types of scenery in several European locations.
•Presents top tips and advice throughout and includes many interesting 'modelling interludes' describing and illustrating models of various railway subjects