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Published by: Platform Five
Author: Chris Booth and Alex Fisher

Tinsley and the Modernisation of Sheffield's Railways


In the 1950s, Britain's railway network was becoming increasingly costly to operate, a legacy of the complicated web of lines built by competing railway companies. In the North of England, small marshalling yards were struggling to keep pace with the traffic requirements of the day. Consequently, the British Railways Board took the decision to build a new "state-of-the-art" yard at Tinsley, which became one of the most technologically advanced marshalling yards in the world.

This detailed work examines the history and events that gave rise to Tinsley and contains extensive details of its planning, construction and opening. It tells how the story of Tinsley unfolded, including the grand ceremonial opening in the 1960s and the revolutionary introduction of TOPS in the 1970s, which was to transform operation of the yard. Tinsley's most turbulent decade - the 1980s - is followed by its decline during the 1990s and the new millennium. The book concludes by looking at what remains of Tinsley today.