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In Stock ISBN: 978 0 8609 3696 1
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Published by: Crecy Publishing Limited
Author: Pip Dunn

Modern Locomotives of the UK

Hardback, 256 pages.

A detailed survey of all the locomotives introduced in the post-BR era, including rebuilds and upgrades of older locos.

Information on operators, liveries, numbering and technical specifications are included

Post privatisation, locomotive haulage of passenger trains has not been favoured and most additions to the passenger fleet have been in the form of diesel and electric multiple units. However, new locomotive types have also been introduced and Modern Locomotives of the UK provides their story from conception, to ordering, construction, testing, delivery and entry into traffic.

Included are chapters on each of the new Classes: 66, 67, 68, 70 and 88 examining areas such as teething troubles, regular operations, liveries and names. It will also feature the Class 59s the first privately owned locos on the network in 1986 and the forerunner to the Class 66. Also covered are the major rebuilds of ex-BR classes such as the 57s, both types of 73/9 and also the GBRf Class 56 project. Those existing locos fitted with new engines like MTU HST power cars and VP185 HST power cars are also included as are refurbishment projects like the 20/3s, 91/1s and ERTMS 97/3. There is also a section on rebuilding projects and new loco orders that were mooted but never happened such as re-engineering the Class 60s, Caterpillar engines for Class 37s and the ‘Green Goat’ Class 20.

This book is a comprehensive and authoritative survey of the locomotives of the post –privatisation era and will be welcomed by all those interested in the current railway scene in Britain.


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