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Published by: RCL Publications
Author: Roy Link

Narrow Gauge & Industrial Railway Review No 122

Hulme End in O17·5 - Part 2 Further Leek & Manifold model excellence in 7mm scale 17.5mm gauge by Paul Holmes
Early Corris Railway Passenger Trains Research with photos and scale drawing on this 2ft 3ins prototype by Dan Quine
A 4-6-0 Hunslet for 'Behind the Front' 4mm scale, 8mm gauge WDLR model loco by Alex Duckworth with prototype photo and 4mm scale drawing by Roy C Link
North Wales Narrow Gauge Railway Mystery Coach Prototype information and scale drawings by Stuart L Baker
Tan-y-Bwylch Coal Drops Prototype and 7mm scale model by David John
Make Your Own Spikes Roy C Link describes his workshop technique to get neat rail spikes
Bridport & Charmouth News – Part 5 - Developments at Bridport Town O16.5 7mm scale 16.5mm gauge model layout by David Taylor

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