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Published by: RCL Publications
Author: Roy C Link

Narrow Gauge & Industrial Railway Modelling Review No 123

The contents are:
Hulme End in O17.5 - Part 3 More Leek & Manifold model excellence in 7mm scale 17.5mm gauge by Paul Holmes
Track for Pendre Trevor Hughes describes how he is making the track in 1:32 scale for Towyn Pendre - Talyllyn Railway
Marion Steam Shovel Paul Berntsen builds a 9mm 1:34 scale model of this USA built Model 28 steam shovel with prototype photos and Makers GA scale drawing
18 Inch Gauge Deptford Diesel Hunslet 4W prototype information, photo and 12mm scale drawings by Stuart L Baker
Hunslet 233hp 0-4-0 Diesel Hydraulic in 1:76 scale A British standard gauge diesel locomotive in Canada modelled by James Hilton with prototype photos
A Welshpool and Llanfair Brake Van in 7mm Ian Johnston builds a model of this classic 2ft 6ins gauge brakevan with prototype photo