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Published by: Crecy Publishing Limited
Author: Paul Smith & Keith Turner

Railway Atlas Then & Now 3rd Edition

A fully revised and updated third edition of one of the most popular railway atlases of recent years. Railway Atlas Then and Now uses a unique and distinctive layout to enable direct comparison between the railway network of 1923 and that of 2020. Each pair of facing pages features the railway layout of 1923 on the left-hand page and the corresponding 2020 layout on the right-hand page.

All 45 pairs of maps have been updated for this new edition. The pairs are drawn in the same style and at the same scale to clearly show the full extent of closures and reopenings made in the intervening years. Each pair also has its own gazetteer giving information about railway lines that have been converted for other purposes such as walking or cycling routes, or have found a new use as heritage lines, tramway conversions and the like.

Other information includes the location of all post-1923 steam sheds and current diesel and electric depots, railway museums and a wide range of modern commercial narrow gauge and miniature railways. The Atlas also provides a list of all stations that have been opened and/or closed between 1923 and 2020 as well as those under construction at time of publication.