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Published by: Platform Five
Author: Ian Beardsley, Robert Pritchard and Alan Yearsley

Sheffield: From Tram to Tram-Train

Sheffield: From Tram to Tram-Train tells the story of Sheffield’s pioneering light rail systems. It begins with a brief look back at Sheffield’s first tramway that opened way back in 1873. At the time of its closure in 1960, the Sheffield Corporation Tramway was one of very few first-generation tramways still in operation. The book contains details of all the original Sheffield trams that survive in preservation.

It then turns to the Supertram project of the early 1990s, with extensive details of the planning and design of what was then a relatively new concept in the UK. Looks at how Parliamentary Powers were obtained and funding secured to build the network, followed by details of the construction process, including a survey of each Supertram route.

Day-to day operations are examined, including driver training, deployment of trams, the signalling system, ticketing, fares and the timetable. Infrastructure is also covered, including tram stops, Nunnery depot, signalling, trackwork and electrification. The various extensions proposed over the years are also discussed.

The original Siemens tram fleet and the new Stadler tram-trains are examined, with technical specifications and interior layouts of both types, plus details of refurbishment programme and liveries carried over the years. Accidents and mishaps are also covered.

Finally, the book turns to the Rotherham tram-train project, looking at how initial proposals for a service on the Sheffield–Huddersfield rail line were gradually abandoned in favour of the Parkgate scheme. It examines the unique operating requirements of tram-train and its potential for use elsewhere in the UK.