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In Stock ISBN: 978 1 9132 5112 3
Condition: Excellent
Published by: Transport Treasury Publishing Ltd.
Author: Roger Simmonds

Isle of Wight Railway Art

Not art in the literal sense of paintings and drawings, but instead the art of the photographer. There have to be fair been many volumes of photographs on the Isle of Wight Railways, but it is rare to find one made up of not just a few but a whole book-load of quality images, most of which will almost certainly be new to the reader. Island resident Roger Simmonds has trawled through the best of the images held at the Transport Treasury archive to come up with a selection fully representing the Island lines at their peak, everyone one illustrated including those that closed in the 1950s. The photographs span the period from around 1947 through to the early 1960s and include some of the remarkable views of Paul Hocquard whose skill behind the shutter has been shut away for far too long. This is a book to truly savour, one that will satisfy from the very first page through to the last. Printed in the UK on quality art paper.


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