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Published by: Roger Harris
Published on: 30th September 2020
Author: Roger Harris

The Storage & Disposal of BR Mark 1-Mark 4 Loco Hauled Coaching Stock & NPCCS Volume 3: 21000-80044

Cardcover, 140 pages.

Information contained in this or other volumes includes:

All Mark 1- Mark 4 LHCS built for B.R.
All NPCCS stock built for B.R. from 1950
All known storage locations for each vehicle
All known disposal dates and locations for each vehicle
All B.R. vehicles exported since 1950
All known names carried by stock
And includes new build Mark 5 stock

Also contains listings and disposals of selected GWR, LMS, SR & LNER parcels stock in B.R. use from 1950.