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Railway Track Diagrams: 2 Eastern (5th Edition)

Railway Track Diagrams provide a ready reference for the rail enthusiast and a de facto standard work for the rail industry. Their whole purpose is to record the modern railway in the fullest possible detail for the benefit of the widest range of users.

The maps try to show every running line, connection and cross-over on the main lines and in sidings and depots. All passenger and freight routes are shown for the national network, for the Heritage and private lines related to or previously part of it and for other public service railways. All major infrastructures such as stations, signal boxes, junctions and tunnels appear with their name and railway mileages; most level crossings are also included together with information describing their type.

Specific industry information, such as Engineers Line References and Line of Route codes, is given together with some guidance to link today's lines back to the original pre-grouping owners. A comprehensive index covers the named locations on the maps and separate listings are included for ELRs and LORs.

First published in 1988 and to be found everywhere from the freight driver's cab to the control room desk and from the modeller's bookshelf to the enthusiast's bedside, the Series continues to occupy a unique place in the railway library.

Book 2 – Eastern covers the network on the eastern side of Britain from London northwards to the Scottish Border. It includes the areas generally as Network Rail’s LNE and East Anglia Routes together with public service light rail Metro in Newcastle and SuperTram in Sheffield plus a number of Heritage and leisure lines. Now in 5th edition (the first having been published in 1992).


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