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Published by: Strathwood Ltd
Author: Kevin Derrick

Last Years of the Class 50s 1980 - 1994

Tracking down some of the very best photographs in colour to depict the final fifteen years of the Class 50s in service has taken many years. We have selected the very best of colour photographs for you with this one. Coverage is year by year as we track the long rundown of the Class 50s in full glorious colour.

Locomotives are to be seen before they were withdrawn at locations both familiar and unusual, on regular workings, specials, double-headed, on stabling points, depots and works, ex-works, clean, being cut up, specially prepared and downright filthy.

We have chosen views to bring you the best quality available having trawled through many thousands of shots, we have selected the very best with great composition, colour and well exposed in a variety of weather conditions as we tell the story of their last years of service.