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In Stock ISBN: 978 0 9014 6170 4
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Published by: Railway and Canal Historical Society
Author: Michael R. Bailey

Built in Britain – The Independent Locomotive Manufacturing Industry in the Nineteenth Century

No previous book has considered the many issues that affected Britain’s independent locomotive manufacturing industry as a whole. Previous authors have published volumes on individual manufacturing firms, but each is considered in isolation without regard to the ever-changing challenges for the proprietors. This volume therefore provides an overview of their challenges, successes and failures through the nineteenth century. As a major heavy industry, many of the volume’s conclusions apply also to other such industries.

The subject was originally presented as a thesis for the Institute of Railway Studies in York, but has been re-written for a wider audience of business, railway and engineering historians. It retains the bibliography, together with citations and references. The sources range from academic books and papers to serious histories of railway technology and business practice. An appendix lists the locations and types of firms of the 100 sites undertaking locomotive manufacture during the century.

Hardback, 221 pages, 197 illustrations


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