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In Stock Condition: Very Good
Published by: Village Press Publications
Author: Kozo Hirako

Building the New Shay : A 1920s Shay in 3/4

Step by step "How To" build a 1920s prototype locomotive engineered in 3/4" scale with instructions for scaling up to 1-1/2" scale. This is the fifth in a fabulous series. 8-1/2 x 11", 325 pages. hardbound. The Shay must have been Kozo's favourite locomotive. His earlier book "Building the Shay" completely covered construction and the techniques necessary to build it. So why did he feel it was necessary to build another Shay? The prototype for the "New Shay" is 40 years more advanced than the prototype for Kozo's original book. Much had changed in 40 years. Which Shay are you going build?

326 Pages. Numerous drawings.


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