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Published by: Platform Five
Author: Andy Chard

The Beaten Track: The Traction and Extremities of Britain's Rail Network 1970-1985

This new book contains more than 260 high quality colour images of Britain’s railway network taken between 1970 and 1985. The photographers’ authorised access to the rail network in the 1970s enabled the capture of many rare views that have given rise to this interesting and unique record. The Beaten Track is an exceptional combination of outstanding colour photography and rarely seen locations taken during an often-neglected era of British railway history.

The Beaten Track illustrates a very different railway to that of today, when a multitude of railway locations, locomotive types and some longstanding practices were fast disappearing. It takes the reader to a variety of locations, many of which have now become long-lost extremities of the British railway network. The images show an assortment of traction types, very few of which can still be seen on the main line.

All the photographs are in colour and all are accompanied by extensive captions, containing considerable historical and anecdotal information relating to the lines, stations and trains depicted.