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Dimensions: Hardcover
Published by: Irwell Press
Author: Ian Sixsmith & Richard derry

The Book of the Merchant Navy Pacifics

The latest offering in the Book of series see the welcome return of an long out of print favourite. Together with an extended text, new unpublished photographs and information... and a colour section, the book is literally a new book rather than some tired old reprint.

Scarcely can a railway board have entered on such a time of frustrating maintenance work, disappointing performance, lows mixed with thrilling highs, uncertainty, expense and worry with such an innocuous phrase - 'Ten New Main Line Locomotives'. They were two sides of a coin, the Merchant Navy Pacifics - love 'em, hate 'em, scorn versus adulation; seldom could the phrases 'brilliant steaming' be conjoined so often with 'heavy maintenance', or the words 'exhilarating performance' with 'caught fire'.