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Out of Stock ISBN: 978 1 9032 6671 7
Condition: Excellent
Dimensions: Softback
Published by: Irwell Press
Published on: 1st October 2006
Author: Richard Derry

The Book of the Lord Nelsons A Photographic Accompaniment:No 2

Following on from Richard Derry's book on the Lord Nelson 4-6-0s we have pleasure in producing another of the very popular Photographic Accompaniments. All new photos and something all Southern fans must have! All the Lord Nelson's were named after celebrated British Naval Heroes Ė Nelson, Drake, Raleigh, Hawkins and the other great Sea Dogs who saw off the Spanish, French and Dutch over hundreds of years of glorious Empire. October 21st is Trafalgar Day and the 200th Anniversary of Nelsonís brilliant victory.Series. Don't forget to buy the main book too!rnrn