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Published by: Irwell Press
Published on: 9th September 2013
Author: Peter Coster CEng. MICE MCIT

Ninety Years On the New Book of the A3 Pacifics

In April 2012 it was 90 years since home-going passengers at Kings Cross were astonished at the presence of a huge, handsome express steam locomotive standing on the empty stock roads, the like of which they had never seen before. It was GREAT NORTHERN, awaiting inspection by the GNR Directors. This year will be the 90th year since the third of these locomotives emerged from Doncaster Works � �The Plant� � 1472, later 4472, soon to be named FLYING SCOTSMAN. These three anniversaries we hope to commemorate with this New Book of the A3s. The story of the class was set out in the original �Book Of� the A3s by the same author; he has now put down the history of each individual locomotive, summarising events, together with personal comments. Even now, while the history of the class is generally complete, there is a trickle of new information on the details of individual locomotives, revealing more about their use and particularly during the sad business of withdrawal and disposal.