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Dimensions: Hardcover, 300mm x 214mm
Published by: Irwell Press
Author: Peter Townend

LNER Pacifics Remembered

An unusual book. Much of it written by other people as author Peter Townend puts it. After the success of Top Shed (Ian Allan, 1975 and 1989) he completed a further work entitled East Coast Pacifics at Work (Ian Allan, 1982). The publishers requested that various chapters might be contributed by other people writing about their own involvement and experiences with these locomotives, but this resulted in a book much larger than anticipated and the contributions were not included. Now, with the passage of over thirty years the material has gained in historical interest and is seen here for the first time.
The contributors, men of the time and all providing unique insights into the Pacifics, their construction and their working, read like a roll-call of the Gresley East Coast Age; many well known, others not so.