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Out of Stock ISBN: 978 1 8479 7818 9
Condition: Excellent
Dimensions: Softcover, 246mm x 189mm
Published by: The Crowood Press Ltd
Author: Bob Alderman

Building Bridges and Viaducts for Railway Modellers

Written by an acknowledged expert, this practical book is essential reading for all those railway modellers who wish to build a bridge or a viaduct for their layout.

�Contains in-depth descriptions and photographs of real-life bridges located around Britain (and one in New Zealand), ranging from the small to the monumental, from which the modeller can gain ideas and draw inspiration
�Describes, as an essential aid to modelling, the constituent parts of the bridges, the engineering principles that make them 'work' and the materials from which they are built
�Presents detailed, step-by-step instructions and photographs depicting the construction in plasticard of five models: a simple girder bridge; a truss-girder bridge; a masonry arch bridge; a plate-girder bridge; and a viaduct
�Covers prototype research, taking measurements, modelling materials and tools
�Examines the finishing process, including different ways of applying paint and weathering powders in order to make your model look authentic.