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Dimensions: Softback, 240 x 178 x 6 mm
Published by: Bellcode
Author: Stephen Chapman

Railway Memories No 9


The geographical position of Warrington and the prescence of a wide range of industries made the town an important hub almost from the dawn of railways.the West Coast Main Line running north-south was bisected by the Altrincham to Liverpool line passing directly under Bank Quay station and the former Cheshire Lines Committee route passing over the main line just north of Bank Quay.The town was also crossed by the main Manchester to North Wales line, which joined the main line at Winnwick Junction, 3 miles north of Bank Quay and diverged westwards at Acton Grange Junction, just to the south of the town.As well as passenger services on all these routes, freight trains served mining, steel making, copper smelting, tanning, glass making, the soap and chemical industries, board and paper manufacture and more.This book looks at these routes and their traffic.
Softcover, 72 pages, 122 b/w illustrations, 5 maps.