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Historic Carriage Drawings
Volume Three : Non-Passenger Coaching Stock (In Stock)

Historic Carriage Drawings - Volume Three : Non-Passenger Coaching Stock

Price: £16.00

Published by Pendragon

ISBN : 1 899816 09 7

Written by Peter Tatlow

Condition: Very Good (Second Hand)

Dimensions: Hardcover, 304 x 216 x 11 mm

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This volume contains prptotype information, photographs and drawings of non-passenger coaching stock from all four of the Grouping companies and their constituents.. These were fascinating vehicles and included Passenger Brake, Luggage and Parcel vans, Covered and Open Carriage Trucks, Horseboxes, Special Cattle vans, Perishables and Departmental vehicles.
Hardcover, 128 pages, 178 b/w illustrations, 114 drawings.

This book came from the home of a smoker and may be slightly tainted. Please email or call us on 01629 580797 if this will be of concern.

Reviewed on 18/01/2010


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