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Peter's Railway and the Moonlight Express
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Peter's Railway and the Moonlight Express

Price: £11.99

Published by Christopher Vine

ISBN : 9 780955 335921

Written by Christopher Vine

Condition: Excellent (New)

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Book 2 starts off with two railway adventures; on the farm railway and then a visit to the Romney Hythe and Dymchurch Railway.
There they see a turntable and decide that they should need one for their railway.  Back at the farm, they build the turntable using parts from an old tractor.
For Peter the great excitement of this book is learning to drive the engine, Fiery Fox. It is what he has been waiting for since they started to build the railway. Apart from one disastrous escapade, everything works as they intended.
The story finishes with the railway running at night, taking Grandma to a surprise birthday dinner.
The main projects are the building of a turntable at Gerald’s Cross station and a loop of track at the far end of the line to turn the trains.


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