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The LMS Turbomotive
From Evolution to Legacy (Out of Stock)

The LMS Turbomotive  - From Evolution to Legacy

Price: £27.95

Published by Crecy Publishing Limited

ISBN : 9 781909 328525

Written by Jeremy Clements and Kevin Robertson

Condition: Excellent (New)

Dimensions: 282 mm x 222 mm

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The last generation of steam-powered locomotives are often viewed as antiquated throw-backs to the Victorian era, which stayed in service well beyond their useful lives. In-fact, even in the twilight of the steam age, Britain was at the forefront of developing a new generation of steam power which could have changed the face of the railways.

William Stanier is known for revolutionising steam locomotive practice on the LMS, creating modern locomotive fleet. He also explored the possibilities for next generation motive power to produce unquestionably Britain's most successful experimental locomotive of the 20th Century- the 'Turbomotive'.

Hardback, 159 pages

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