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Dimensions: Hardcover, 300 x 210 x 20 mm
Published by: Tourret Publishing
Published on: 10th November 2003
Author: R Tourret

GWR Engineering Work 1928 - 1938

This book reviews the engineering works, civil and mechanical, carried out by the Great Wstern Railway in the decade 1928 - 1938. In this period, it almost seems that the GWR were rebuilding their entire system, so extensive were the works that were carried out. Bearing in mind that these years covered more or less the 1930s years of industrial depression with high unemployment, it is all the more impressive that the GWR accomplished so much, indeed these foundations mostly remain today.The government of the day helped by passing the Development(Loan Guarentees and Grants) Act of 1929, under which the government could pay the interest on capital expended on schemes of development. Most railways took advantage of this Act, but none more so than the GWR, who participated in he anticipation that trade would improve and that there would be a need for better railway transport facilities. By the end of 1933, they had 35 seperate schemes involving a total of about �8, 000,000, am enormous amount of money in those days.The GWR programme covered all sections of railway and dock operations throughout the syste, and included major improvements at the main line stations, line being quadrupeled. new avoiding lines, extension of Automatic Train Control, colour - light signalling and improved dock facilities in South Wales, as well as a host of smaller improvements, some carried out in cooperation with local Town Councils and the like.
Hardcover, 236 pages, 326 b/w illustrations, 81 maps and drawings.

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