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Out of Stock Condition: Damaged Dust Wrapper
Dimensions: 288 mm x 222 mm
Published by: Howell - North Books
Author: Lucius Beebe & Charles Clegg

The Trains We Rode Volumes 1 & 2

Nothing less than the entire panorama of overland travel in the railroad age has been contemplated by the authors in selecting material for "The Trains We Rode," but special emphasis is laid in the field of long distance travel where luxury equipment was taken for granted and where the amenities of life aboard the cars most closely approximated that in the grand hotels of the same period. Volume 1:-801 illustrations-6 in full colour, 5 New Paintings by Howard Fogg, Hardback 465 pages. Damage to the dust wrapper, contents fine. Volume 2: With the publication of this volume, the collaboration of writer Lucius Beebe and photographer Charles Clegg ends in a blaze of glory. They have completed the comprehensive picture survey of American railroad travel ever undertaken by historians in the field. Volume 2 continues the premise of Volume 1, 750 illustrations- 5 in full colour and 2 New Paintings by Howard Fogg. Hardback, 511 pages, like volume 1, damaged dust wrapper, fine contents. Lucius Beebe's final work.