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Dimensions: 288 mm x 222 mm
Published by: Audio Visual Designs
Author: Don Wood

Locomotives in My Life

Coming on the heels of his highly successful pictorial, I Remember Pennsy, photographer-Author Don Wood's second offering between hard covers is done with the same personal, first person flair, Locomotives in My Life is not to be construed as a rundown of all the locomotives that were built or operated in Wood's lifetime; rather it concerns itself with the motive power he loved and photographed. From diminutive Canadian teapots to the crushing power of B&O's EM-1 2-8-8-4's, from Jersey Central Camelbacks to Nickel Plate Berkshires and N&W class A 2-6-6-4's. Indeed, several locomotives are singled out as being personal favourites within given classes of power on several different roads, like: CNJ 774, RDG 2124, NKP 759. The eight chapters, embracing 320 pages, are broken down into the different railroads represented by this latest portfolio of superb photography. Steam power does not stand alone in Locomotives in My Life, as first generation diesels play a prominent role in shaping the pages of this work. Hardback, 320 pages