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Published by: The Crowood Press Ltd
Published on: 1st May 2017
Author: Terry Booker

Modelling Signal Boxes for Railway Layouts

It is hard to imagine a model railway layout without a signal box somewhere along the line. They were, after all, the most numerous of the steam-era buildings, and some were almost as old as the railways themselves, dating back to the mid-1800s. With the increased availability of signal box kits and ready-to-site versions, this book provides an invaluable and timely guide to just which box is right for your layout.

•More than twenty model signal boxes are featured in actual layout locations
•Presents forty kits and projects from Alphagraphix and Bilteezi to the latest in downloads and laser-cut kits, specially constructed with detailed and illustrated step-by-step descriptions
•Offers tips, hints and useful advice on tools, adhesives and materials, always remaining cost-conscious for those with limited time and resources
•Provides prototype images from the steam era to the present day
•Demonstrates how to model realistically detailed interiors and clever ways to show them off
•Shows how to scratch-build your own signal boxes using different methods and materials
•Includes useful guidance on signals, signalling, and infrastructure, level crossings and lever frames

Card cover, 239 pages