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Published by: Wild Swan Publications
Author: Bob Williams

Geoff Williams' Aylesbury LNWR Researching and Modelling the Prototype

Written by Bob Williams, Geoff's son, this fully illustrated book describes Geoff Williams famous EM model of the LNWR station in Aylesbury, the World's first branch line. The first section describes the building and restoration of the model and the second all of the research that went into creating it, including site photographs, maps, historic documents and sketches made by Geoff himself. The book features full signalling details, comprehensive photographic coverage of all related structures, together with extensive information on the trains that used the branch and how Geoff modelled them. Apart from being a great book on how to set about modelling any prototype, and the techniques you might use to create it, this is also a wonderful personal account of one man's lifetime and his hobby. Beautifully laid out and designed by Steve Phillips and including a real wealth of information on modelling techniques, including Geoff's very effective use of perspective modelling. Although I may be biased as I had a hand in producing it, I think this book is as good as anything that has ever been produced before in terms of explaining and conveying the satisfaction and joy to be had from immersing oneself in the wonderful hobby of railway modelling.


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