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In Stock ISBN: 978 1 9138 9323 1
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Published by: Transport Treasury Publishing Ltd.
Author: Brian J. Dickson

LMS Steam in the 1930s

Out of necessity, picture books on the railways of generations past are restricted when it comes to the choice of images available; consequently a new collection is welcome, and this is what we have here in this selection from the George Barlow collection held at The Transport Treasury.

Biographical notes on George’s life as a driver and later Operating Manager on the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch line are contained within the text, suffice to say it was some years before this, from 1933 onwards, that George was first recording the railway scene on film and in particular the contemporary LMS scene.

Here he was able to record a time when the products of pre-grouping days were still dominant although the arrival of a certain Mr. Stanier was starting to be seen. Witness then everything from LNWR survivors and Midland stalwarts varying in size from crane-tank to a Beyer-Garrat, and progressing through the first Stanier tank engines to the Black 5, Princess and streamlined Coronation classes.

What makes this collection so remarkable is that it is not restricted to loco only portraits, as George was adept at moving train shots as well. We are indeed fortunate as his collection has survived and may be appreciated by a wider audience.


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