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Published by: Crecy Publishing Limited
Author: Kevin Robertson

Southern Times Issue 3: Autumn 2022

Southern Times is the new quarterly periodical for followers of the Southern Railway, British Railways Southern Region, as well as the pre-grouping companies; LSWR, SECR, LBSCR, and SECR. Quarterly publication, 80 pages packed with articles and images that are Southern related including where possible, unseen views in every issue.

Issue 3 of Southern Times is another feast for students of the BR(S), SR, and the constituent companies. Included is the demise of the ‘Lord Nelson’ class, two sections of line looked at in detail, ‘Deptford Wharf Part 2’ and ‘Horsham to Guildford Part 1’, another locomotive history, this time the Adams ‘A12’ type, the riding trials with the ‘River’ class, signal boxes, colour from S C Townroe, more allocations, some electrics, abnormal load movement and so on. In fact a veritable feast to read on a cold (or hot) day.

Magazine, 80 pages, around 90 photographs


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