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Published by: Oakwood Press
Author: A. Gordon Pirie

Bricks and Golfers - The Strabathie Light Railway and Murcar Buggy

The Strabathie Light Railway was not a tramway as such, but an industrial railway line whose primary purpose was to transport the owning company's goods and workers, the latter using ex-Aberdeen District Tramways horsecars re-gauged to 3ft 0ins and hauled by the company's steam locomotive. In 1909 however, it gained a unique place in British railway history by agreeing to the use of a portion of its line (circa 1.75 miles) by Murcar Links Golf Club), ultimately allowing the latter to operate their own petrol railcar. Following the demise of the company in 1924, the golf club bought the track and the land, and continued to operate services until 1950.


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