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Published by: White River Productions
Author: Dale Sanders

Northern Pacific Diesel Power Volume Two

Northern Pacific Railway purchased its first diesel locomotives in 1938. Over the next 30 years the fleet continued to grow, culminating in more than 700 units from four different builders. This special two-volume set documents the entire NP fleet leading up to the March 1970 Burlington Northern merger.

This volume includes coverage of the sizable fleet of EMD F-series locomotives, from the first FT to the last F9. 224 pages.


Chapter 1: EMD FT

Increased Air Radiation
FT Minutiae
Chapter 2: EMD F3A/F3B

6000-Series Freight
6500-Series Passenger
Chapter 3: EMD F5A

6000-Series Freight
6500-Series Passenger
Chapter 4: EMD F7A/F7B/FP7

6000-Series Freight
6500-Series Passenger
6600-Series Passenger
Chapter 5: EMD F9A/F9B

7000-Series Freight
6700-Series Passenger
Numerical Roster


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