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In Stock ISBN: 978 1 9129 9507 3
Condition: Excellent
Published by: Industrial Railway Society
Author: Cliff Shepherd

Industrial Railways and Locomotives of Teesside

Over a century and a half, many businesses that laid the foundation for the development of Teesside relied on industrial railways to support their production. This book provides a comprehensive account of those railways, both large and small, which operated within their works. underground in mines and around shipyards. It gives individual details of more than 1.500 locomotives owned by these companies. This is the first book to describe the history of over 350 industrial sites and businesses that have, or continue to exist, on Teesside and will act as a useful reference source for years to come as the local economy continues to change. The text is supported by ten location and 18 other maps, three indexes and is illustrated by 152 photographs, both black and white and colour.

Hardback, 464 pages, black & white and colour photographs


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