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In Stock ISBN: 978 1 9138 9336 1
Condition: Excellent
Published by: Transport Treasury Publishing Ltd.
Author: Jeffery Grayer

Rails Along The Rother - The Midhurst Lines

Closed to passengers nearly 70 years ago, the lines that served the charming Sussex market town of Midhurst are still fondly remembered. Never money spinners the first of the three routes to be closed, that from Chichester, lost its passenger service way back in 1935, to be followed twenty years later by the withdrawal of services to both Petersfield and Pulborough. With its stations not well sited for the limited population they served and vulnerable to bus competition, traffic was never heavy although freight did continue for a number of years after passenger closure with the final trains operating on a small section of the route until 1991. Fortunately several photographers appreciated the scenic beauty of the area and recorded trains in the landscape during the 1950s. It is their mainly unpublished work that is presented in this new volume.

Hardback, 80 pages


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