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Published by: Transport Treasury Publishing Ltd.
Author: Kevin Robertson

Southern Times Issue 7: Winter 2023/2024

Southern Times is the new quarterly periodical for followers of the Southern Railway, British Railways Southern Region, as well as the pre-grouping companies; LSWR, SECR, LBSCR, and SECR. Quarterly publication, 80 pages packed with articles and images that are Southern related including where possible, unseen views in every issue


The Southern N15X class
Signalling at Farnborough Main; based on notes by the late John Davenport
Down the line to Oxted; Part 2 Alan Postlethwaite
Civil Defence Exercise at Brighton Kemp Town
Stephen Townroe’s Colour Archive: Mr Bulleid’s Pacifics
From the Footplate
First Generation / Heritage EMUS
The demise of William Beattie
‘St Lawrence’, ‘Eastbourne’ and ‘Ardingly’
Treasures from the Bluebell Railway Museum Tony Hillman
Southern Region in colour. Images by Ian Hemphilluseum


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