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Published by: Transport Treasury Publishing Ltd.
Author: Brian J. Dickson

LMS Steam in Scotland in the 1930s

The ‘Grouping’ in Scotland brought together the locomotive stock of the Caledonian Railway, the Highland Railway and the Glasgow and South Western Railway under the LM&SR management which almost immediately sought for the standardisation of locomotive parts. Fortunately the Caley under the leadership of John McIntosh had started down this path which meant that together with the work done by David Jones and Peter Drummond at the Highland, the LM&SR could rely on good performing locomotives for many years.

Unfortunately the locomotive stock of the G&SWR suffered prior to the Grouping from a series of badly designed, poorly steaming replacement boilers which the LM&SR judged to be non-standard leading to their early withdrawal and replacement by former Caley stock and LM&SR Classes such as 2P 4-4-0’s and 4F 0-6-0’s. This collection brings together many previously unpublished images of Caley, Highland and Sou’West locomotives at work and rest throughout the former LM&SR territory


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