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Dimensions: Hardcover, 215mm x 275mm
Published by: Lightmoor Press
Author: Brian Webb

Armstrong Whitworth

A Pioneer of World Diesel Traction

Within this volume the late Brian Webb covers Armstrong Whitworths involvement in the development of diesel traction on the banks of the River Tyne from the beginning of the 20th century until 1937 when the company ceased production of diesel railway motive power.

This company was well ahead of its time and was the pioneer of diesel traction with products built in various gauges not only for the home market but for export to such far-away places such as Argentina, Brazil, Ceylon, India, Australia and the West Indies. If the company had continued with the development of its products and sales to Britain's railways had been much greater the history of Britains railways in the last century would have been very different.

This book is rich in the history of Armstrong Whitworths involvement with diesel traction and includes rare photographs and technical diagrams covering the development of shunters, railcars, railbuses, articulated train sets and main line locomotives and is a welcome addition to the serious railway enthusiast's collection.
Hardcover, 184 pages.