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Dimensions: Softcover
Published by: Irwell Press
Author: Mike G Fell OBE

An Illustrated History of the Port of Kings Lynn and its Railways

An informative, personal and graphic portrayal of the Port of King's Lynn from the railway era until the present day. The author spent over forty years in the port transport industry, part of senior management of the east coast ports of King's Lynn, Goole, Hull, Ipswich and Whitby and the Trent wharves of Flixborough and Gunness. It was at King's Lynn that he first held the position of Port Manager, from July 1984 until April 1987. He became passionate about the port's progress both past and, more importantly, during his reign. It was on Mike Fell's watch that the annual cargo throughput over the enclosed dock quays surpassed one million tons for the first time, an achievement shared with a highly enthusiastic and well motivated workforce and the King's Lynn Conservancy Board.
Softcover, 112 pages.