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Dimensions: 272 x 215 x 6 mm
Published by: E Talbot
Author: Glyn Williams

The Great Western Railway from Dean to Churchward

Photographs by Robert Brookman Volume One

These photographs of the Great Western Railway are taken from an album purchased at auction in 2007.Inside is written " Robert Brookman 1899-1922 "The album is believed to be the personal property of Robert Brookman and to contain mostly photographs which he took himself between those dates although some may have been taken by his brother.The album contains some 460 photographs of which roughly 160 are Great Western, 150 of the Great Northern, 100 of various other British companies, mostly radiating from London and about fifty of overseas subjects.The book begins with some short historical notes on the locomotive classes featured and then presents a selection of high quality images with informative captions.The remaining photographs of the other companies will eventually be featured in two further volumes.
Softcover, 80 pages,137 b/w images.

Reviewed on Saturday 9th January 2010