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Out of Stock ISBN: 978 1 8998 1617 0
Condition: Good
Dimensions: Hardcover, 297 x 210 mm
Published by: Pendragon
Author: Barry C Lane

Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Locomotives

While not being one of the major main lines in the country and never gaining a foothold in the capital, the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway led the way with many developments in the design and construction of locomotives. Indeed, its final CME went on to occupy the same position in the LMS and the influences continued through to the standard steam locomotives of British Railways. This book catalogues the classes of all steam locomotives built at the railway's own works at Horwich and includes those bought in from manufacturers before 1889. Profusely illustrated with photographs, many of which have never previously been published, along with engineering drawings and diagrams.This is a superb piece of work from a recognised authority on all matters Lancashire & Yorkshire and should be on the shelves of all L & Y and LMS enthusiasts and modellers.
Hardcover, 192 pages.

The cover has a few minor marks but nothing serious.