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Condition: Good
Dimensions: Hardcover, 280 x 222 x 18 mm
Published by: Wild Swan Publications
Published on: 10th November 1984
Author: R J Essery & D Jenkinson

An Illustrated Review of Midland Locomotives

Volume One A General Survey

In an attempt to unravel the complex story of Midland Locomotives, Bob Essery and David Jenkinson have collaborated to produce a volume work in which they analyse the changing face of Midland locomotives through the varying influences of Kirtley, Johnson, Deeley and Fowler, and the final guise of those that survived into British Railways service.The starting point for this study is 1883, ten years into the Johnson era.Until that time all MR engines were green but in that year it was decided to paint them red, a colour so closely associated with the company and later perpetuated by the LMS and even BR. However the famous Crimson Lake livery was far from straightforward and the variations, together with the black, brown and brick red liveries, are considered in three of the chapters in this general survey. Design details are also analysed in this first volume, and Bob Essery takes the opportunity of including his account of some of his experiences working on Midland engines as a young fireman.This volume is now out of print.

This copy has two tears in the dust jacket, but the contents are undamaged.
Hardcover, 216 pages,272 b/w illustrations, 21 drawings.

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