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In Stock ISBN: 978 0 8536 1750 1
Condition: Excellent
Published by: Oakwood Press
Author: Stuart Edgar & John M. Sinton

The Solway Junction Railway

Second edition with additional photographs

The first edition of this book was published in 1990 and has not been available of many years. This second edition has been reformatted and includes new photos. Designed as a short cut across the Solway to link the Cumbrian coalfields with Scotland the principal feature of the Solway Junction Railway was the Solway Viaduct. The line opened in 1869 to freight and then in 1870 to passengers. Within a few years the problems of gales and frost became apparent with the viaduct severely damaged by icebergs coming down the estuary when the great freeze of 1880/81 began to thaw. Weather-related problems were to be a recurring theme. Although needing repairs in 1914 the viaduct was saved by its usefulness during the war, but in 1921 it became evident it needed major repairs and was closed to traffic. Cross-border romeos continued to use the viaduct on foot but in 1934/35 these antics came to an end when the viaduct was dismantled leaving the few remnants of the line’s infrastructure that can still be seen today.


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