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Published by: Roger Harris
Author: Roger Harris

The Storage & Disposal of BR Mark 1-Mark4 Loco Hauled Coaching Stock & NPCCS Volume 4: 80200-94922

The fourth volume in this series containing a detailed listing of all British Railways Mark 1 to Mark 4 loco-hauled coaching stock and non-passenger carrying coaching stock to have been built. This volume covers coaching stock numbered in the series 80200-94922.

For every coach, details are included of the date it was condemned or withdrawn from service, followed by a brief description of how the vehicle was disposed of, with dates as appropriate. Details of renumbering or conversion to departmental stock are included.

The Storage & Disposal of BR Mark 1-Mark 4 Loco-Hauled Coaching Stock & NPCCS Volume 4: 80200-94922 also includes tables of carriage names, coaching stock converted to EUs and BR coaching stock lot numbers. A section to update Volume 1 and 3 completes the volume. 152 pages.


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