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Track Layout Diagrams of the GWR and BR (WR) Section 12 Plymouth

Spiral Bound

Saltash ( exc ) - Tavistock Jnc (Inc)
Plymotuh N. Rd - Millbay
Millbay Docks
Cornwall Jnc - Cornwall Loop Jnc
Sutton Harbour Branch
Lipson Curve
North Quay (G. W. R)
Mount Gould Jnc - Cattewater Jnc
Plymstock - Yealhampton
St. Budeaux V. Rd - Devonport Jnc
Stonehouse Pool Branch
Friary - Friary Jnc (Exc)
North Quay (L. S. W. R.)
Turnchapel Branch
Cattewater Branch