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Published by: R. A. Cooke
Author: R. A. Cooke

Track Layout Diagrams of the GWR and BR (WR) Section 37 Forest of Dean

Spiral Bound, First Edition.

Berkeley Road - Lydney Junction
Berkeley South Curve
Sharpness South Docks Branch
Sharpness North Docks Branch
Otters Pool Junction - East Loop Junction
Lydney West Curve
Lydney Town - Lower Dock
Lydney Upper Dock Branch
Lydney Junction (Old Station) - Cinderford Town
Oakwood Branch (Princess Royal)
Parkend Goods Branch
Parkend Royal Branch
Wimberry Branch
Wyesham Junction(exc) - Coleford
Coleford - Coleford Junction
Sling Branch
Futterhill Branch
Lydbrook Junction(exc) - Serridge Junction
Tufts Junction - Drybrook Road (Mineral Loop)
Bilson Junction - Churchway
Laymoor Junction - Bilson North Junction
Laymoor Junction - Bilson South Junction
Mitcheldean Road(exc) - Bullo Pill(exc)
Bilson Loop Junction - Cinderford Junction


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