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In Stock ISBN: 978 0 8536 1369 5
Condition: Excellent
Published by: Oakwood Press
Author: Roy Waring

The Leeds New Line – The Heaton Lodge and Wortley Railway

This is a straight reprint of the book first published in 1989. The term ‘The Leeds New Line’ was the nickname for The Heaton Lodge and Wortley Railway, although BR referred to it as the ‘Spen Valley Line’ at the time of closure. The towns in the Spen Valley are Cleckheaton, Heckmondwike and Liversedge, the latter itself comprising a collection of smaller towns. Opened in 1900, the Leeds New Line was only operational for 65 years.

The book follows the usual general Oakwood approach, starting with ‘conception and planning’, beginning with the earlier L&YR line in the Spen Valley, and then the much later proposals. The next chapter is about the construction of this LNWR line, followed by one by one describing the route, then dealing with the early years and the years following Nationalisation. An appendix covers working arrangements. The illustrations include photographs, network and track diagrams, timetables, contemporary advertisements, etc.

Softback, 96 pages, 90 black & white illustrations.


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