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In Stock ISBN: 978 0 8536 1770 9
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Published by: Oakwood Press
Author: John Mair

The Kington Lines – from Leominster to Kington and New Radnor including the Branches to Presteigne and Eardisley

This was the network of lines centred around Kington, whose development followed the success of the development of the Shrewsbury and Hereford Railway, which opened in 1852 and served Leominster from south and north. This success rekindled desires in Kington for a link with this system, which came to fruition when the line opened in 1857. The modest branch line to Eardisley opened in 1874. The extension to New Radnor and the branch line to Presteigne both opened in 1875.

The book comprises three lengthy chapters covering the usual ground. Chapter one is the historical outline, starting with early transport in Herefordshire through the various openings and into the 20th century and the two world wars, peace and Nationalisation. Chapter 2 deals with the operation of the lines, including signalling, passenger train services, motive power, engine sheds, rolling stock, goods traffic, etc. Chapter 3 is a description of a journey over the lines in the 1930s.y years and the years following Nationalisation. An appendix covers working arrangements. The illustrations include photographs, network and track diagrams, timetables, contemporary advertisements, etc.

Softback, 104 pages, 67 black & white illustrations.


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