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Out of Stock ISBN: 187 4 1030 38
Condition: Good
Dimensions: Softcover, 273 x 217 x 6 mm
Published by: Wild Swan Publications
Author: Geoff Kent

The 4mm Wagon

Part One-Opens,Minerals and Hoppers

The author outlines the construction of a selection of kits more or less as the manufacturers intended,covering as wide a field of materials as possible. He also seeks to assist those who are looking to broaden the scope of their wagon fleet by suggesting ways in which some of those wagon kits can be modified by judicious butchery and modest scratchbuilding, and, taking things a stage further, guides thye reader through more extensive scratchbuilding to produce types of vehicles which are poorly represented in kit or ready-to-run form.
Softback, 86 pages, 137 b/w illustrations, 13 drawings.

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Reviewed on Friday 1st January 2010